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Who is it for?

  1. Every Town in America

    With TLH every town in the United States has an online space of its own where all Heroes and Businesses in the neighborhood can list their services and where all Neighbors can find the help they need.

  2. Individuals With Services to Offer (Individual Heroes)

    The Heroes of our platform are freelancers, gig workers, students, retired people, stay-at-home parents looking to make a little cash—anyone who has a service to offer. With more than 50 categories ranging from home repairs, to dog walking to snow removal, tutoring, organizing and so much more, there's a place for everyone to make their talents shine while earning money for their skills.


  3. Local Businesses (Business Heroes)

    Local Businesses now have a digital storefront where they can showcase their services in the towns they operate in, thereby reaching a wider local audience. We believe that the small and medium-sized enterprises in each town are the backbone of local economies and we take pride in giving them a space alongside our Individual Heroes.


  4. Residents Seeking Services (Neighbors)

    Residents of each town, our Neighbors, who are looking for trusted, reliable, local help now can see providers at a glance and learn about their:


    1. services

    2. availability

    3. rates

    4. & reviews

Our Neighbors are busy professionals, families, and anyone looking for a helping hand. 

True Local Heroes is a robust, beautiful and useful platform with the potential for explosive growth. 

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