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Revenue Model

(there is a package for everyone)
Subscription-Based, Tiered Model

Our revenue model

  1. keeps our interface clean and ad-free,

  2. allows Heroes to list with very little barrier to entry,

  3. provides tiered paid packages for Neighbors.

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Competitor Models

Angi (formerly Angie's list), and Sittercity also use a similar subscription-based model.


Platforms like TaskRabbit and Rover take a percentage of the transactions from the service providers. However, we anticipate many people looking for ongoing as opposed to  once-off help. In that case it makes sense that people will want to move payment off-platform and cut us out. (This is the assumption. Once we have enough members we could conduct a poll to validate it.)

Other platforms like Yelp and Nextdoor opt for generating revenue by selling ad space on their page. This option is not in alignment with our brand and it would take a long time to get the kind of traffic to make it worthwhile for businesses to want to advertise on the site.

Other Revenue Streams

Additional revenue streams could eventually include offering the option of member purchased background checks.

Freemium Version for Heroes

The chosen revenue model allows all Heroes  (both individuals and businesses)

  1. to advertize for free in their own neighborhoods,

  2. to sign up for a premium package to get wider exposure in neighboring towns.

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Why This Makes Sense

Yelp and Nextdoor already allow businesses to create pages for free so it makes sense to offer a free listing to businesses with the option of additional exposure in neighborig towns with a premium subscription.

A sizable number of our Heroes will be people who do not have money or maybe high schoolers who don't have a credit card. By offering them a free listing we lower the entry barrier as much as possible so we can populate our site as fast as possible.


We already know that people are prepared to pay to see the service providers in their areas (Sittercity,, Angi.)

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