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Milestones & Roadmap


Conceptualization & Planning

Defined the vision, mission, and objectives of True Local Heroes. Conducted market research to identify needs, assess competition, and validate the concept. Developed a plan to outline the platform's features, target audience, revenue model, and go-to-market strategy.


This stage is largely done.


Platform Development

Initiated the development of the True Local Heroes platform. Built the core infrastructure, user interface, and backend functionality. Implemented security measures and data protection protocols to ensure user privacy and safety.


This is a work in progress.


Stealth Launch

Recently launched the first version of the platform marketing to one town in MA. Gathering insights, identifying bugs and usability issues, and iterating on the platform based on user input. Continuously refining and improving features to enhance user experience and address any performance concerns.


Busy with this now.


User Acquisition & Growth

Begin user acquisition efforts to attract both Heroes and Neighbors to the platform. Deploy marketing campaigns, social media engagement, and community outreach initiatives to raise awareness and drive sign-ups. Focus on building a critical mass of users to create network effects and foster community engagement.


Starting this.


Monetization Strategy

Implement a monetization strategy to generate revenue and sustain the platform's operations.  Continuously evaluate and refine the monetization model to maximize profitability and value for stakeholders.


This is something to keep front of mind as we gather feedback from our first users.


Expansion & Scaling

Scale the platform to accommodate growing user demand and increasing activity. Optimize infrastructure and resources to support higher volumes of traffic, listings, and transactions. Explore opportunities for geographic expansion to new neighborhoods, cities, or regions to broaden the platform's reach and imp


This is a very important stage - to keep the platform stable as we grow and to grow at a pace that the platform and our team can manage.


Community Building & Engagement

Foster a vibrant and engaged community of users on the platform. Facilitate meaningful interactions, collaboration, and feedback exchange between Heroes and Neighbors. Provide support, resources, and educational content to empower users and enhance their experience on True Local Heroes.


This is on the horizon.


Partnerships & Collaboration

Forge strategic partnerships and collaborations with local businesses, organizations, and service providers to enhance the platform's offerings and value proposition. Explore opportunities for integration with complementary services or platforms to provide users with a comprehensive solution for their needs.


This is on the horizon


Regulatory Compliance & Risk Management

Ensure compliance with relevant regulations and laws governing online marketplaces, data privacy, and consumer protection. Develop and implement robust risk management policies and procedures to mitigate potential legal, financial, and reputational risks. Stay abreast of regulatory changes and industry trends to adapt and evolve accordingly.


This is on the horizon but very important. 


Feedback & Iteration

Continuously gather feedback from users, stakeholders, and industry experts to inform product development and strategic decision-making. Iterate on the platform based on user needs, market trends, and competitive insights to stay ahead of the curve and deliver value-driven solutions.


We are looking forward to reaching this stage in our journey. 

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