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Member Acquisition Strategy

  1. Boots on the Ground:
    Doing whatever it takes to get our first members signed up.


  2. Digital Marketing:
    Utilizing targeted digital marketing campaigns, including social media advertising, SEO, and content marketing, to reach potential users in our targeted neighborhoods.


  3. Gorilla Marketing
    Using Gorilla marketing tactics to get the word out especially in the beginning.

Screenshot 2024-03-07 at 00.12.55.png

​4. PR Programs
Get noticed on the major news outlets eg USA today. 


5. Print Marketing
Get newspapers and magazine editors to include us in any features they may write.


6. Influencers
Get Influencers to talk about us.


7. Referral Programs:
Introducing referral incentives to encourage current users to bring new users to the platform, thereby leveraging word-of-mouth marketing.


8. Collaborations with Local Businesses:
Partnering with local businesses to promote our platform and offer exclusive deals or services to our users.

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