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True Local Heroes offers an online platform for freelancers, gig workers, professionals, businesses, and any other individual who provides a service within their neighborhood boundaries.


It serves as a nexus for:

  •  the residents ('Neighbors') of every US town to find local help, ranging from everyday tasks to specialized services,

  • and for both local businesses and individuals ('Heroes') to easily advertise their services.


The Mission of True Local Heroes is threefold:

  1. To Inspire
    We believe that every person can show up heroically for themselves and others. Our mission is to inspire all members to do just that - to be and do their very best every day.


  2. To Empower
    By prioritizing freelancers/gig workers and local businesses, True Local Heroes aims to strengthen local economies by helping keep financial resources within the community.

  3. Building Community
    The platform is more than just a marketplace; it's a community builder. It connects Neighbors not only to the services they need but also to the people behind those services. It is our aim to foster a sense of community and mutual support within neighborhoods.

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